Welcome to 2012!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and welcome to 2012!  There is one more weekend left for those still in school or taking the week off.  Spend it in happiness, with friends and family and cherish the moments around you.

I took this handheld so the fireworks didn’t come out as well but I’ve already made good on that new years resolution (if you guessed a tripod, here is a star for you!).  The crowds were many and this photo is only the tip of the iceberg.  People had filled the square out onto the streets to partake in the countdown.

The weather has improved a little lately so if you haven’t already, go for a spin out on the City’s many public skating rinks.  Some offer skate rentals if you do not have your own pair like the Harbourfront Centre and Nathan Philips Sq.  You can also check out cityrinks.ca for the closest rink near you!

All the Best in 2012 and check back for more photo adventures!

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27.12.11 | Snow At Last

We watched snow storms hit several States to the south, we’ve had a brief sprinkling earlier in the month and then we had a green Christmas.  Finally, Post Boxing Day, Toronto is finally blanketed with snow and the streets are looking in season once more.  Here’s to hoping it sticks around for New Years.

26.11.11 | Cavalcade of Lights

Apologies for the long hiatus.  I aim to get some overdue work up on my blog as 2011 winds down over the week.  Else, the task of getting more photos uploaded will end up taking space on my New Years Resolutions list.

I suppose its appropriate to post about fireworks as Toronto approaches New Year.  On Nov. 26th, Toronto had its annual Cavalcade of Lights event at the Nathan Philips Sq. at City Hall featuring a mixture of performances and the staple fireworks display.

The Square was packed by the time I got there and quite literally had to swim through the crowd.  My efforts to reach a group from the UTSC Shutterbugs, a photography club at the University of Toronto, Scarborough were in vain and shouting through text messages had only distanced my chances.

People who go early are often rewarded and the group of familiar faces were apparently close to the stage but an ocean away from where I was standing at, the entrance.  Knowing the slim chance of weaving my way from one end of the Square the other, I opted to try for the balcony which still had breathing room and offered an elevated perspective which would actually be preferably versus photographing from close to the base of the would be plume of fireworks.

Getting up wasn’t as hard as I thought.  After the first couple of steps, you were literally pushed up the stairs by the shifting currents in the crowd and all that mattered was keeping in step.  Not before long, such moments would also fall into step proving that sometimes, you need not to get to within bouncer distance but that your viewer can see where you stand on a story.

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04.05.11 | Power Unit Conference

I had the pleasure of taking photos of Night It Up last week, Markham’s annual celebration of Asian culture and food with Kevin @ NeueWaveMedia.  The event is runs by a youth group called Power Unit who provide students in high school and university a chance to develop their skills in a business setting through handling day to day operations as well as organizing the many programs and events that are part of the group’s itinerary.

May 04, saw the group at Markham Civic Centre for a press conference to unveil the new look for the Night It Up event as well as its new home.

Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti and members of Markham council presenting youth group Power Unit
with $5000 to kick start Night It Up 2011.

30.04.11 | Endeavour Training Session II

The consultants at Endeavour reconvened on a Saturday morning for a training session featuring some notable guest speakers including Dr. Zayna Khayat of SECOR, Samuel Heath of OLG and Jim Love from Chelsea Consulting.  While I have little if any awareness of business consulting background besides running a school club, the presentations were definitely informational and pertinent not only in running a business sense but also living everyday life.

I won’t post all of the photos, just a select sample.  From my sporadic and sometimes awkward visits at first, I think most of the attendees accept the prospect of having a photographer present at the meetings.  I try to be discreet as possible but one still has to exercise a certain amount of gymnastics to get the best angles especially on a Saturday morning.

Dr. Zayna Khayat was first up and talked about ‘SOW’ and if I remember correctly, it means Statement of Work.  It is somewhat like a assessment plan or report of what your consulting project will entail/deliver etc.

I admit after having shot a number of Endeavour’s meetings at Metro Hall’s pale green meeting rooms, I’m beginning to enjoy the almost monthly photo sessions.  I’m not a picky photographer in the sense that I must rip down the blinds, put up soft curtains or move everyone to a studio quality space.  I like to work with what is there and for me, its more the moment and a story behind it that counts.

(I think the window light reflecting off the green of the back wall is starting to show in the photos.)  Samuel Heath was the next guest speaker.  One photo not shown is of his motorcycle helmet and one might not guess what this man does at OLG.  While we might throw our toonies with hope at the week’s jackpots, he and others play a large role in deciding were a lot of that revenue goes towards including charities and funding the province’s health care costs.

This was one of the humourous snippet of details I noticed at the meeting.  For a second I thought perhaps getting a lens from Russia was not the best idea but it turns out my lens wasn’t distorted and it was just that the sign was knocked off the wall and the drop cracked the glass and shifted the picture frame.

I’ve always enjoyed listening to Jim Love from Chelsea Consulting.  He approaches the subject matter with both a relaxed and inviting but seriousness manner.  It is never jargon heavy nor overly technical and touches upon the heart of the issue.

Change.  Something that not only businesses have to deal with and certainly with resistance.

24.04.11 | Lyana

So I get a call the day before and its Lyana, fashionista and mastermind of Fashion to Go.  She had just gotten a new leather jacket and was eager to get the 360.  (Is that even a term?)  A couple hours later, we were headed to the beach and despite the late start to spring, we where eager to combine our strengths to bring some highlight to fashion using a still winterlocked Rouge Beach.

Unfortunately the lake side path was blocked off a mere 5 mins into the walk due to apparent construction of groynes and seawalls (effort to stop the lake currents from further scouring sediment away from the Bluffs).  A good place as any to start a couple photos! (all the while thinking about a way to get across.)

Jaguar pattern heels on the beach!  Very risqué.  We did think about wading around but this photographer did not come with an extra pair of pants.

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19.03.11 | Endeavour EM Orientation

I think I was here last year for Round 7’s Engagement Manager Orientation.  It is interesting to see the differences with the two albums.

To what I observe, the Engagement Manager is the backbone of Endeavour’s efforts as a source for quality consulting for non profit companies.  He or she will lead a team of volunteer consultants to work with selected non profit groups and really turn them around in terms of being a sustainable operation including tighten up logistics, money management, human resources.

Round 8 sees a number of new faces as well as veterans and a new group of non profits on the horizon who need a helping hand.

Here are a couple photos from the orientation event!