23.04.10 | Who’s Backstage2? @ Tattoo Rock Parlour

Ever since I shot a rock concert back in 2007 at school, I’ve been hooked on the indie music scene and have been all over the place.

The music is loud and catchy and the lighting is often right up with the scales which is a big draw for any photographer as you can imagine as well as the freedom to move around.  Braving the crowds, the mosh pits and the  temporarily impaired, not so much.

Friday the 23rd brought me to Who’s Backstage2? at the Tattoo Rock Parlour at 765 Queen St. W. where I was hoping to finally catch the band Hello Beautiful after missing a number of their concerts earlier this year.  Two bands, autostadt and Hello Beautiful were first up following by a surprise celebrity band to end the show.

Charlie Royal, Hello Beautiful

Hello Beautiful

One thing is for sure, given the length of the timeslots, if you go expecting too much from a band going into a show, you set yourself up to be disappoint because they aren’t going to play all the songs you’d like them to play.  On the other hand, there are always pleasant surprises and this one hails from Mississauga.

It’s always the small things that end up tripping the photographer and mine was not bringing an extra memory card and thus not able to shoot in RAW, the uncompressed file format.  Any realistic hopes of curing lighting issues and blown exposure was out of the question.  The lighting was strong at the lounge setting of Rock Parlour featuring a mix of bold magenta, yellow and blue gels.  Any photographer expecting proper skin tones fiddling with the camera settings ended up with more than a just a headache.  I gave up and went with what the stage tech had in store.

Before I knew it, the setlist for Hello Beautiful was over and I was left somewhat disappointed but decided, if anything, it would be nice to see who the surprise guest was.

The lights came on as the MC shouted out the name illScarlett and my hearing shot out amidst the deafening roar that erupted over the crowd.

I realized just how loud things were inside that when I left the venue, I could barely hear even the honking of the street traffic.  Note to self, consider ear plugs for the next concert.

If more info on the bands, check out their myspace!

>Hello Beautiful


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3 thoughts on “23.04.10 | Who’s Backstage2? @ Tattoo Rock Parlour

  1. ssango says:

    I’m one of those people who have never been to a concert haha 😦 but I think you got some great shots Pete. I especially like the first one of the guitarist! The lighting really sets the mood and I think you got a good angle there. Ah you make me want to go out and take more photos and actually improve lol! I also liked your shot of the ‘beverages’ haha. I think you framed it well and I like how ‘dark’ it looks~ One day I should tag along… (:

    Sry my thoughts seem a bit random at the moment since I’m still awake LOL… i’m currently having some breakfast. Juice and croissants = yum!

    After that I will sleep for a bit before waking up to continue with my work. sigh~ Making toys can really take a lot of nrg out of a person haha.

  2. Janet says:

    Hi Pete!! Sherry told me all about your new website/photoblog! Congrats on starting up a new one! It’s nice to see that you enjoy concerts! I miss going to them, I haven’t gone to one in at least a year! I like illscarlett’s song, “Nothing Special”..actually that’s the only song I know from them 😛 But nice shots! I still haven’t gotten around to organize the reunion, but that will happen soon I hope. Maybe into May? I hope you’re doing well Pete! Do you graduate this year?

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