How’s the Look? Not bad, eh?

Well here it is, my first post in a brand new blog in a rather bad history of failed blogging attempts.  For those if you who are aware of my rather poor self marketing skills, this is as close to a website as you’ll see in a while.

Will post up more photos in the coming days including a recent concert featuring bands autostadt, Hello Beautiful and illScarlett!



One thought on “How’s the Look? Not bad, eh?

  1. ssango says:

    Yay Pete! Hehe I can see that your blog is taking shape (: very nice 😀 Thanks for posting a comment on my blog ^_^ I thought I’d do the same for yours 😀 btw can I just say I really love that photo of the seagull! You’ve got such a good eye for things like that. That’s the kind of photo I wish I took of that hawk/falcon that I saw a few months ago when I did not have my camera with me lol. Sighs, it would have been so awesome!

    You should definitely try creating your own brush on photoshop to make your watermark (: It’s really simple. Kinda like stamping your stuff but digitally hahaha.

    Anyways, I am off to catch some sleep too… I guess we’re both night owls 😛 lol.
    Hope to see more blog posts from you in the future! I’ll be adding this link to my blogroll 😀 And I added you on Twitter! (my twitter is y0omii). Lisa, and Janet also have twitter. So does derek, but I saw that you added him already (:

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