High Park Reborn

For many, the annual spring Cherry Blossoms are the biggest draw to the park.  Why make the long trek down to High Park now that the blossoms have long since disappeared you might ask?  Spring is in full bloom in just about all the other parts of the park.  The other trees are starting to bloom like the brilliant pink crab apple blossoms just to name one.

Families are getting larger as well.  While the Blossom event was quite the spectacle, there is still plenty more to see and witness  so take some time out of your work week for a stroll through the park.

(For those involved in photography clubs around the city, this is a ripe opportunity for a day trip!)

Just got back from a UTSC Shutterbugs event there and I’m glad to say the club isdoing very well going into its 3rd year.  Things are more streamlined and the executive team’s gotten bigger still.

A couple execs and fellow Shutterbugs

Late Bloomers

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2 thoughts on “High Park Reborn

  1. Janet says:

    Hi Pete, outstanding photos!! I love every photo in this post. The one with the geese is AMAZING, it expresses so much – like family love. It’s definitely one of my faves! Great idea for the group shot as well!
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! 🙂

  2. ssango says:

    you always get such great captures of wildlife and the geese are no exception! great job pete! ahhh you’re making me want to go on a photowalk! hopefully I can go on one soon (:

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