14.05.10 | Buddhism and Diaspora Conference 2010

I was booked to cover two sections over the two day conference and its one of those things where its going to be a lecture hall or a panel discussion and even your contact slips you this tone of  “…yep.”  If things weren’t clear enough, not even the University’s own photographer came out for this one.  (We usually bump into each other at a majority of events at school.)

I found myself missing the company and a felt a bit lost at sea wading into this one.   Like some of the events prior, the guest list comprised of folks I did not recognize.  Professors and academics, some from far far away places like Singapore and Scotland converged on the campus for the Buddhism and Diaspora Conference ’10.

First on my to-do list was Dr. Victor Hori’s lecture in one of the more monotone of auditoriums.  5 mins into the lecture, I had set my camera down.  “This was interesting stuff,” I thought to myself.  It wasn’t so much a debate about religion as it was a discussion about the history, growth and the dispersion of its followers through the centuries touching upon areas of immigration and identity.

(More to come!)

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