Mirror Mirror On the Wall.

So here I am back after what seems like a month and a half absence and while I might have forgotten that I have a blog, I didn’t stop taking pictures (which I will be playing catch up over the next few days haha).  Just recently I did get another camera and finally was able to use my Russian mirror lens after half a year in the cabinent.  (The lens was so big it wouldn’t fit on my older camera haha)

(The Mirror Business after the link)

What mirror?  That mirror.

Photographers (and gearheads haha) will often debate : What’s the fairest lens of them all?

It depends.

Diagram of a Mirror Lens

For those of you new to my camera gear addictions, a mirror lens is basically your Humble Space Telescope.   Regular lenses aside, the mirror lens consists of two mirrors.  Light comes through the opening and is reflected off a primary mirror back out.  This light is then bounced off a secondary mirror which directs it back through the lens and out to the film.  If you look at it at the side, you can picture the light taking a “Z” path as it travels through the lens.

To sum everything up, basically you get a really long telephoto reach in something the size of a Large Soda from your fast food burger chain.

You were probably wondering why the tree looks kinda messy, the hole in the primary mirror creates doughnut blur circles (“bokeh”) in the out of focus regions of the photo.

All the photos in this post except the one with the camera were taken using the Russian ZM-5A-MC 500/8 mirror lens.  Depending on your choice of background, the doughnuts may or may not appear.  More uniform backgrounds will be more pleasant like the first photo whereas more complex backgrounds and ones with specular highlights will register the ‘doughnuts’.

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One thought on “Mirror Mirror On the Wall.

  1. Janet says:

    Hi Pete!! WOWW I’m so impressed with your photos!! I really like the doughnut bokehs! lol I’m a big fan of bokeh haha. The photo of the moon looks really nice too! Especially after you were describing the lens like a Space Telescope..that photo fit right in! I really notice that your photos are getting better and better with composition! Very nicely done! Thank you for reading my blog, and commenting b/c sometimes, I wonder if anyone reads it still. lol We really need to catch up Pete! I miss having you around! You’re like my photography mentor! I need to get something going before the summer ends!!! Stay cool in this heat Pete! 🙂

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