09.07.10 | Night it Up 2010

July’s been a busy month and as promised earlier here are some recaps going back starting with Night it Up 2010 at Metrosquare.

My good friend Kevin Chow at NeueWaveMedia landed a gig with the dedicated folks at Power Unit to be their volunteer photographer this year and I assisted with the effort (tagged along and had some fun) over the course of the two day event.

Night It Up is Markham’s biggest if not one of the biggest street festivals with an visitor draw extending way past its borders.  From its theme’d street market vendors to the music and dance performances, the audience had a chance to sample everything from a large variety of asian dietary fancies to its pop culture.

I kept meaning to try the popular fried ice cream but I could never get close enough to ordering distance.  My volunteer t-shirt didn’t help.

That’s the only shot of Kev irc.  Sorry bud haha, you were too busy working.  (Yea thats him in the lower right.)

It is always interesting as photographers what our trained eyes latch onto in the chaos.  One were all the older folks covering their ears leaving as the rock groups hit the stage.  The young converged in this kinda arch around the stage seating area.  Here the generational and social divide in families was made none the more apparent.  Rock or ‘loud’ music is still a foreign concept in many families especially those who immigrated to Canada with more conservative and traditional values intact.

(Some performace photos after the link!)

Joey and Eugene, Maybe Refuge

Yui MC, Soulplane

Peter, Cretem

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