31.07.10 | Amanda & Nick

Bright and early, while Andy King was dropped off at the bride’s home to cover the preparations of the bridal party, I was tasked to meet up with the groom an hour later!  Boy, my day was headed off to a good start as I chanced upon a quick coffee pick me up before it was time to check up on the guys.  I ring in at 8am and the groom, Nick, shows me upstairs to a lovely condo unit, everything on the table (just about..well almost ready to go) and the Xbox on pause.  There is nothing like a good destresser to start what maybe a long day.

Everything went relatively smoothly until folding the handkerchieves/pocketsquares which really just about had everyone stumped.  (I couldn’t really help either, mine was just the day’s schedule stuffed in.)  Like everything in life there are smartphones and Youtube, problem now became…well…which video shows the right one?  Is there a right way of folding it?

The mere sight of a stretch Hummer rolling down the lane was worth the wait. (the eons spent trying to maneuvering into the tiny round about part less so.  Geez, how would the driver manage a Timmy’s Drive Thru?)

(more to come!)


One thought on “31.07.10 | Amanda & Nick

  1. Janet says:

    Hi Pete!! I’m so happy to see that you’ve updated your blog! 😀

    I really like how you captured the groom’s preparations for the wedding. You got some good ideas! 🙂

    Also, I love how you captured the groom’s parents’ happy expressions during the ceremony. It just says a lot about the wedding day. 🙂

    Great work Pete!!!! 😀 I hope you have a great week! 🙂

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