24.04.11 | Lyana

So I get a call the day before and its Lyana, fashionista and mastermind of Fashion to Go.  She had just gotten a new leather jacket and was eager to get the 360.  (Is that even a term?)  A couple hours later, we were headed to the beach and despite the late start to spring, we where eager to combine our strengths to bring some highlight to fashion using a still winterlocked Rouge Beach.

Unfortunately the lake side path was blocked off a mere 5 mins into the walk due to apparent construction of groynes and seawalls (effort to stop the lake currents from further scouring sediment away from the Bluffs).  A good place as any to start a couple photos! (all the while thinking about a way to get across.)

Jaguar pattern heels on the beach!  Very risqué.  We did think about wading around but this photographer did not come with an extra pair of pants.

Once out on the groyne, everything was a lot more pleasant and the sun had peeked out from the clouds but it was definitely windy!


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