30.04.11 | Endeavour Training Session II

The consultants at Endeavour reconvened on a Saturday morning for a training session featuring some notable guest speakers including Dr. Zayna Khayat of SECOR, Samuel Heath of OLG and Jim Love from Chelsea Consulting.  While I have little if any awareness of business consulting background besides running a school club, the presentations were definitely informational and pertinent not only in running a business sense but also living everyday life.

I won’t post all of the photos, just a select sample.  From my sporadic and sometimes awkward visits at first, I think most of the attendees accept the prospect of having a photographer present at the meetings.  I try to be discreet as possible but one still has to exercise a certain amount of gymnastics to get the best angles especially on a Saturday morning.

Dr. Zayna Khayat was first up and talked about ‘SOW’ and if I remember correctly, it means Statement of Work.  It is somewhat like a assessment plan or report of what your consulting project will entail/deliver etc.

I admit after having shot a number of Endeavour’s meetings at Metro Hall’s pale green meeting rooms, I’m beginning to enjoy the almost monthly photo sessions.  I’m not a picky photographer in the sense that I must rip down the blinds, put up soft curtains or move everyone to a studio quality space.  I like to work with what is there and for me, its more the moment and a story behind it that counts.

(I think the window light reflecting off the green of the back wall is starting to show in the photos.)  Samuel Heath was the next guest speaker.  One photo not shown is of his motorcycle helmet and one might not guess what this man does at OLG.  While we might throw our toonies with hope at the week’s jackpots, he and others play a large role in deciding were a lot of that revenue goes towards including charities and funding the province’s health care costs.

This was one of the humourous snippet of details I noticed at the meeting.  For a second I thought perhaps getting a lens from Russia was not the best idea but it turns out my lens wasn’t distorted and it was just that the sign was knocked off the wall and the drop cracked the glass and shifted the picture frame.

I’ve always enjoyed listening to Jim Love from Chelsea Consulting.  He approaches the subject matter with both a relaxed and inviting but seriousness manner.  It is never jargon heavy nor overly technical and touches upon the heart of the issue.

Change.  Something that not only businesses have to deal with and certainly with resistance.


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