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27.12.11 | Snow At Last

We watched snow storms hit several States to the south, we’ve had a brief sprinkling earlier in the month and then we had a green Christmas.  Finally, Post Boxing Day, Toronto is finally blanketed with snow and the streets are looking in season once more.  Here’s to hoping it sticks around for New Years.


Mirror Mirror On the Wall.

So here I am back after what seems like a month and a half absence and while I might have forgotten that I have a blog, I didn’t stop taking pictures (which I will be playing catch up over the next few days haha).  Just recently I did get another camera and finally was able to use my Russian mirror lens after half a year in the cabinent.  (The lens was so big it wouldn’t fit on my older camera haha)

(The Mirror Business after the link)

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Blank Canvas Too Much?

You don’t always get the rock star lighting or the glamour locales but the client expects no less, you expect no less as an artist.  How do you still pull it off?  Can you?

Some times, its a matter of inspiration, that when dry (or soggy), can put a cloudy vignette over even the best of days.  As a photographer myself, I don’t know if there is a cure for something that…well…just comes and goes.  It’s an issue I’ve seen pop up a lot recently in the photography circles I’m familiar with so here’s my two cents on the matter.

1. Mindset Is the cup half full or half empty?

Are you expecting your ‘photos’ to be there for you? (i.e. Cherry Blossoms at High Park, Gaping hole in the fence at Brickworks/Guild Inn).  If your inspiration is dependent on the aforementioned, it is going to be cold year round.

2. The 8 Ball – is it in your head (or is Mattel Inc. $10 richer?)

If “Shoot First, Ask Questions Later” is your motto, sorry, Daniel Craig took it to a new level and no you can’t have it back.  Going to a site or location banking that something interesting is going to show up is a risky way to play and you might get lucky once or twice.  Of course that is somewhat the goal behind sightseeing/photowalks but asking yourself the right questions can totally change your outcome.  Having asked yourself beforehand questions like who am I shooting for?/what do I want to shoot?/themes?/any type of goal? is knowing where to aim and you’ll notice that your memory card is more than half full more often.

Happy Shooting!



How’s the Look? Not bad, eh?

Well here it is, my first post in a brand new blog in a rather bad history of failed blogging attempts.  For those if you who are aware of my rather poor self marketing skills, this is as close to a website as you’ll see in a while.

Will post up more photos in the coming days including a recent concert featuring bands autostadt, Hello Beautiful and illScarlett!