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Welcome to 2012!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and welcome to 2012!  There is one more weekend left for those still in school or taking the week off.  Spend it in happiness, with friends and family and cherish the moments around you.

I took this handheld so the fireworks didn’t come out as well but I’ve already made good on that new years resolution (if you guessed a tripod, here is a star for you!).  The crowds were many and this photo is only the tip of the iceberg.  People had filled the square out onto the streets to partake in the countdown.

The weather has improved a little lately so if you haven’t already, go for a spin out on the City’s many public skating rinks.  Some offer skate rentals if you do not have your own pair like the Harbourfront Centre and Nathan Philips Sq.  You can also check out for the closest rink near you!

All the Best in 2012 and check back for more photo adventures!

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22.12.10 | By Divine Right @ The Drake Hotel

Whether its the intimacy of the venue or the vivid stage lighting, indie concerts have always had their draw and on the 22nd of December, I had the chance to visit the Drake Hotel to watch the band By Divine Right along with The Luyas and others.  \

The biggest surprise of the night I think were the Luyas.  They has brought their own stage lighting to add to the set.  While it made things a little more challenging from a photographer’s perspective, it certainly added to the atmosphere.  Stage presence is something that many indie bands tend to hit or miss and with the Luya’s they nailed it with a very fairy like performance by the lead singer and even had the crowd in complete darkness at one point.

Nordic Nomadic

The Skeletones Four

the Luyas

By Divine Right

15.09.10 | Work in Progress

Apologies for the long absence.  Its amazing how long it takes to go through a set of images from an event especially if your attention span is not feeling forgiving at that point and time.  Will be posting up some new work soon so stay tuned!

08.05.10 | Refuge at the Hard Luck Bar


Located on Dundas just west of Bathurst, this hotspot for indie rock back activity was where I bunkered on the cold saturday evening to see Maybe Refuge’s last acoustic performance before they work on plugged shows in the future.

The Hard Luck Bar club sits on Dundas between Little Italy and Trinty Bellwoods alongside a line of independent businesses.  The dimly lit interior is lined simple painted wood furnishings including bar and a couple small tables for two.   Further back, the walls gave way to mirror panel and the stage.

The sound wasn’t as good as some of the other venues I’ve been to and neither was the lighting which was strong in only the front left and right.  I do have to give them credit for the smoke and light beam effects which gave a kind of carnival/club dynamic to the stage.

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DIY Flash Grids

When you buy a flash, the saleman is almost always right around the corner with a diffuser product for the flash but almost never talk about light restricting accessories.

I suppose it is a niche area but can be handy when you want to restrict the spread of light from your flash to a narrow beam to light only one part of your picture and not spill over to other areas.

Here I follow the commonly available online instructions for a Do-It-Yourself flash grid for the popular Nikon Speedlight SB-26 model.  With slight modifications to the dimensions in its length x width, you can configure the size of the grid to fit your flash.

What you need to get started :

  1. A lot of Straws (preferably black in colour)
  2. A cardbox box / cereal box
  3. Scissors
  4. Pencil
  5. Ruler
  6. Glue Gun (careful not to burn yourself)
  7. Some Music (It will take a while)

== Step One ==

You’ll probably need about 12-15 straws to start and more if you want a ‘longer’ grid.  The longer the grid, the more restricted the beam of light will be coming out of your flash.  (You’ll also notice a drop in the power because longer straws absorb more light.)

For this demonstration, I used green straws for fun (did someone say Venti Caramel Frap???) but do look for black ones to minimize effect on light temperature (colour of the light).

(WARNING : glue strings and spiders ahead.)

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How’s the Look? Not bad, eh?

Well here it is, my first post in a brand new blog in a rather bad history of failed blogging attempts.  For those if you who are aware of my rather poor self marketing skills, this is as close to a website as you’ll see in a while.

Will post up more photos in the coming days including a recent concert featuring bands autostadt, Hello Beautiful and illScarlett!


Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!