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26.11.11 | Cavalcade of Lights

Apologies for the long hiatus.  I aim to get some overdue work up on my blog as 2011 winds down over the week.  Else, the task of getting more photos uploaded will end up taking space on my New Years Resolutions list.

I suppose its appropriate to post about fireworks as Toronto approaches New Year.  On Nov. 26th, Toronto had its annual Cavalcade of Lights event at the Nathan Philips Sq. at City Hall featuring a mixture of performances and the staple fireworks display.

The Square was packed by the time I got there and quite literally had to swim through the crowd.  My efforts to reach a group from the UTSC Shutterbugs, a photography club at the University of Toronto, Scarborough were in vain and shouting through text messages had only distanced my chances.

People who go early are often rewarded and the group of familiar faces were apparently close to the stage but an ocean away from where I was standing at, the entrance.  Knowing the slim chance of weaving my way from one end of the Square the other, I opted to try for the balcony which still had breathing room and offered an elevated perspective which would actually be preferably versus photographing from close to the base of the would be plume of fireworks.

Getting up wasn’t as hard as I thought.  After the first couple of steps, you were literally pushed up the stairs by the shifting currents in the crowd and all that mattered was keeping in step.  Not before long, such moments would also fall into step proving that sometimes, you need not to get to within bouncer distance but that your viewer can see where you stand on a story.

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